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Virtual Arabic keyboard

Easily Write Arabic text:

With this online Arabic keyboard you can easily write Arabic texts even if your keyboard does not have Arabic characters. Just use your mouse to enter characters in the text entry field. Then copy the text and insert it where you need them.

The Arabic alphabet :

The Arabic alphabet is the alphabet used to write, among others, the Arabic language. This alphabet has 28 letters. The Arabic keyboard pro Service (لوحة المفاتيح العربية) also allows internet users to enter characters from the Arab langne without having a physical keyboard this service (keyboard in Arabic) also allows for the translation from Arabic to several languages and vice versa, and also makes learning the Arabic language keyboard Arab Virtual also has an integrated Google search engine that is to say that when entering and phrases, keyboard launches a Google search; Youtube;Wikipedia;...

lettre clavier arabe

Some tips on installing an Arabic keyboard on your device:

► Windows:

Open the Control Panel, then go to the Clock, Language, and Region. There, select Change keyboard or other input methods.

Click the Change keyboard and add all the languages of your heart desires. You can have more than one keyboard layout for a language! To switch between languages, a keyboard shortcut is normally used (Shift + Alt by default, but you can change that). Windows 8 and above have their own layout "mnemonic" (not without flaws, however).

See the Microsoft website for a more comprehensive guide and change the keyboard layout.

► Mac:

Open the Apple menu and click System Preferences. Select keyboard and click the button input sources. You can add languages there. Mac has a phonetic there if you need them.

Also, check the input menu option View in the menu bar. That's it. The default shortcut to change language is ⌘ + Space.

► Android phone:

In Settings - Phones and settings - Tablets chapters we showed how to enter different settings for Android devices. So you can enter the parameters of conventionally keyboard on an Android 2.3 phone, the main parameters:

Menu -> Settings -> Language & keyboard -> Android keyboard

Using an Android device 4:

Settings -> Language & input -> Android keyboard

It is very useful to be able to jump in the keyboard settings to the right of the keyboard, it allows you to change the settings (eg the input language) while you're in the middle of a text or email.

here a longer explanation.

Transliteration of Arabic keyboard letter:

This table includes the Latin equivalent for each letter of the Arabic and dedicated only to the site clavier-arabe-pro.com

lettre clavier arabe

How to copy and paste the Arabic text:

To copy text written with the Arabic virtual keyboard, simply press the "select" and then press simultaneously the keys "Ctrl" and "C" on your keyboard.

To paste a text go to the area where you want to paste your text (google search fields for example) and simultaneously press the keys "Ctrl" and "V" on your keyboard.

Examples of writing sites in Arabic virtual keyboard:

The sites that offer the service of writing in Arabic usually offer a text field to enter characters from the keyboard in real dersons text field the user finds the virtual Arabic keyboard contitué keys containing letters in Arabic.

  • Arabic keyboard Site lexilogos.
  • the virtual keyboard Arabic keyboard-Arabic website:This service offers in addition to the Arabic keyboard lexilogos, shortcuts to search in google or youtube. This is why we speak of Arabic keyboard Arabic keyboard google or youtube.
  • Yamil, smart Arabic keyboard.
  • Arabic keyboard QWERTY:a new intelligent keyboard service in Arabic.
  • Clavier-arabe-pro:allows you to access the service Blog (health, culture, sports, cooking)
  • Key layout:

    The above provision is designed to maximize knowledge transfer. Intellark is designed for QWERTY, all Latin derivative users QWERTY keyboard layout or save and reuse their knowledge of key locations. In Intellark, a relationship is established between the Arab and Latin based characters based based on its phonetics. For example, typing English element in the pairs (a, ا), (s, س), (d, د), (f, ف) or (w, و) (a product Arabic. Next, new relationships are derived from the Arabic characters themselves, where the double pressure of the element on the right of each pair in (و, ؤ) (د, ذ) (س, ش) (ا, أ) (ك گ produces a dependent character based on shape, phonetic sound, or both, and so on.

    Arabic numerals

    For every Arab figure is a figure in the Latin Arabic virtual keyboard. Below the correspondence table used in most virtual keyboards Arabic.

    Arabic numeral ٠ ١ ٢ ٣ ٤ ٥ ٦ ٧ ٨ ٩
    Latin digit 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

    Special characters

    Several unofficial agreements exist on the Internet for entering special characters using virtual Arabic keyboards. Here are the most common :

    Character ٱ أ إ آ ء ئ ؤ ى ة لا
    Lexilogos   -a a-- aa - y-- w-- Y h' la
    other rules   a' I   2 ee 'o   H  

    The vowels : chadda, soukoun, damma, fatha, kasra









    Other special characters in keyboards of Arabic

    These characters are not officially recognized in Arabic but are widely used in parts of the Maghreb (Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco).

    Character ڨ ڭ پ ڢ ڤ چ
    Lexilogos q' k' p ou b' v f' c ou j'

    Punctuation and other characters

    ، ؛ ؟ ـ ٫ ٪